WILPF members celebrate International Womens' Day in the city centre, March 2009

Sheffield WILPF is a local Branch of the UK Section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom.

WILPF is an international organisation with sections in every continent. It works for the prevention and eradication of war. Since 1915 the organisation’s mission has been to study and make known the root causes of conflicts and war and to work for a society upon which a durable peace can be built, a society that values economic and social justice, respects all human rights and the rights of every living thing; a society in which every woman and man participates fully in decision-making.

We remain united in achieving that goal in spite of the turbulent times history has brought us through. We are challenged to continue our work for peace by the violence in our societies and the increasing number and the intensity of national and regional conflicts in all regions of the world. We are challenged by the erosion of human values that gave birth to the United Nations Charter and to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and international standards and laws. We are challenged by the marginalisation of the United Nations and the return to unilateralism where a powerful state and a few allies impose their economic and political doctrines and military rule on others. We are challenged by the powerful transnational corporations’ control of resources and the economic and social policies of nations to amass profits for their shareholders at the cost of meeting citizens’ needs. We are challenged by the dangers the new weaponry and military strategies represent to all humanity and the environment.

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